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What is Page Authority

Page Authority is a calculated metric by Moz’s and declare how good a webpage is in search engines search results.

Page Authority is scored on a logarithmic scale from 0-100 points and function with the relevants links and info within pages of one site to another, Moz always update the algorithm to calculate the PA time to time, so maybe you can see your score fluctuating.

Having high PA on your website gives you the chance to be more visible on search engines and be close to the top position on the first page of search results. To measure your PA there are few online SEO platforms like Open Site Explorer and MozBar.

The search engine algorithms are constantly changing and everybody wants to know how they can rank high, but there’s not much to know really about it because google has released thousands of patterns of the algorithms that tell us how it works.



SEO engineers have studied and researched for the ideal plan in how websites can get more PA and rank higher and penetrated into Google’s process deducing the successful keys to increase it.

Fresh Content

A webpage content should always be detailed, qualified, relevant, interesting and easy to read and must be constantly updated.

Links to your Page

Create links from other websites to your is a good trick to increase your PA, because they increase traffic to your website.

Images & Alts

Another trick is including the alternative text to your images so they can be found on search engines.