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What is Trust Flow

Trust flow is an SEO metric based on a scale within 0-100 and basically is the value of  a website linked to a trusted sites or authoritative sites with high scores.

This process structure the foundation of Majestic TF. Topical TF is a metric based on a PA (Page Authority) in a topical category following the same scale 0-100, basically is the category or niche of a website.

Trust Flow combined with the Citation Flow forms the Majestic Flow Metrics Algorithm and together they will give you an indicative brief of a website quality.

Trust Flow for SEO

Trust Flow has been all over the SEO community lately like bugs on a windshield. Everyone is making buying and linking decisions off of this rubbish metric alone, but that really isn’t helping your overall SEO efforts.

As domain brokers we get a lot of questions regarding trust flow. Everyone cares about trust flow. When we publish a new list of expired domains for sale, anything TF 30+ sells like hot cakes and nobody is interested in anything with less than TF 20 and especially  not less than TF 15.

However, what many people don’t realise is that trust flow alone is not a good metric to go by and is almost worthless. If you blindly buy off trust flow then you will be very disappointed and likely not get the rankings you want. The reasons why the trust flow metric is rubbish are listed below.

Majestic updates frequently so the metric is unstable

If you check the trust flow of your domains frequently you will see that it goes up and down all the time. As domain brokers we have checked the trust flow on a particular domain more than once in a day only to see different metrics.

If you are buying on trust flow alone then you will be disappointed. When someone provides you with the trust flow metric, it’s just a snapshot of that domain at one point in time but is always subject to change, and it will change.

We once bought about 10 domains in our earlier days based on trust flow. They were TF 20-30 and we were stoked because we just knew that linking those to our money sites would give them a huge boost.

Well, guess what? It didn’t.

Shortly after we checked the metrics and the TF on all of them had completely tanked… to 0 on most of them. We unlinked them from our sites and put them in our virtual garbage can.

However, a couple months later when we realized that Majestic was moody we checked the metrics again and the TF was back on all of them, even higher than it was before. What the heck, Majestic?!

At the time of this writing it appears that there was some big Majestic update (as if it isn’t wacky all the time anyways). Here are some conversations from the Facebook group we are apart of just to show you that it is a widespread problem and everyone is talking about it.